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Dryland Week 7

Week 7 continues with the same format of warm-up exercises, core-centered body weight exercises and stretch cords.

Published on

November 29, 2021

Topics featured:

superman exercise

Warm Up

  • 8 x quad stretches (4 on each side)
  • 8 x squats
  • 8 x IT cross legged squats
  • 8 x Forward lunge with a twist
  • 8 x Windmills
  • 8 x Overhead stretches to the L and R
  • Bent over stretch – legs and torso make a right angle. Swing hips side to side.
  • 4 x LRL side lunges
  • 4 x RLR side lunges

Main Set

Set #1: Two Rounds of 10-15 reps each exercise.

  • Superman holds
    Hold end positions for 2s.
  • Mountain climbers with sliders
    12 reps on each leg
  • Clam shells
    Lie with your back to a wall. Bend  knees. Make sure heels, butt, shoulders and head are touching wall. Open top leg knee up and close.

Set #2: Two Rounds of  30s or 10-15 reps each. Attach stretch cords at chest level.

  • Bent over freestyle.
    Face the attachment. Swim for 30s.
  • Punches at chest level on one leg
    Back to mount
    Punch for 30s on each leg
  • Arrested position rotator cuff
    Back to mount.
    Pull down.
  • Arrested position rotator cuff
    Face mount
    Start with palms level with elbows. Pull back

Day 1

Two rounds of 10 reps each exerise.

Day 2:

Two rounds of 12 reps each exerise.

Day 3:

Two rounds of 15 reps each exerise.

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