WARM UP (1400 yds/ 32 min)

1 x 200 Free
1 x 200 Kick
1 x 200 Pull
16 x 25s underwater dolphin kick to 15-meters* (EZ free from there) on 1:00
8 x 25 drill freestyle on :40 seconds working on stroke length
#1-2: Fist free with thumbs inside of fingers
#3-4: Classic catch-up drill (one arm at a time, pausing at the top in the “superman” position)
#5-6: Catch-up with finger tip drag
#7-8: Straight free with focus on stroke count per 25

MAIN SET (1500 yds / 30 min)

30 x 50 on 1:00 at 1,650 pace
The interval should be approximately 20-seconds more than the goal pace
If you are able to make all 30 efforts at goal pace, then decrease the interval by :05 seconds

The goal is to swim as close to the mile pace as possible. If you miss coming in below the goal pace, sit one interval out and try to get back on track. If you miss two intervals, quit the set, and do five minutes of easy recovery swimming or kicking.

COOL DOWN (200 yds / 4 min)

4 x 50 on 1:00 EZ Free

Total Yards: 3100