WARM-UP (1100 yds) 

Vertical kick w/hip rotation  10/10/5/5/1/1 and repeat
10s kick, then cock right foot back and strongly extend right foot forward to rotate hips to the right, then 10s kick then cock left foot back … 
2 x 100 yards 

Fashion Model 

Same as above, but in a horizontal position, arms at sides 
2 x 100 yards 

Rotation w/ recovery 

With left hip down, extend R arm 90 degrees, then down, then repeat 90 degree extension this time w/ R foot cocked backstrongly extend foot forward and R arm hammers down 

Repeat on other side 

1 x 100   Backstroke w/ 2-beat kick 
12 x 50 on :55  Freestyle  

2500 yds)   

  • 4 x 75 on 1:20      First 25 is fly w/ fists, 50 free 
  • 8 x 200 on 2:45 (Kevin) or 3:10(John/Jack)
    Odds are free, Evens are pull 
  • IM Ladder: 1 x 100IM w/ :20s rest + 1 x 200IM w/ :30s rest  + 1 x 300 IM 

Cool Down (200 yds)
 2 x 100 choice on 2:00 

 Total Yards: 3800 


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