1. Arm Swings
        • Sideways swings w/o a twist
        • One arm forward then backward. Switch sides
        • Both arms forward then backwards
        • Breaststroke
        • Freestyle
        • Backstroke
        • Windmills
      2. Leg Swings
        • Forward and backward
        • Swing sideways in front and sideways in back
      3. Biking Stretches – 10 reps of each
        • Quad stretch on one leg
        • Standing Figure 4s
        • Squats
        • Forward lunge with a twist toward forward leg
        • Side Lunges
        • Retro lunge pulses
        • IT/Curtsey Lunges
        • Overhead Stretch – Right hand grabs left wrist and pulls then switch sides
        • Hip Hinge stretch with arms extended on a table
      4. Abs
        • Crunches
        • Legs extended and a right angle to the hips crunches
        • Reverse crunches
        • Alternate leg drops from an extended position
        • Sideways knee drops with arms in a Texas T
        • Alternate elbow to knee crunches
        • Russian Twists
      5. Hips
        • Kneeling lunge to half splits
        • All 4s knee circles one way for 10 revolutions then the other way
        • All 4s Donkey Kicks
        • All 4s Clam shells
        • Marching bridge
      6. Planks
        • Elbow plank hold for 60s
        • Snow Angels
        • Marching plank
        • Side planks with reach through
        • Plus push ups
        • Sideways crawls
        • Hip Dips
        • Spidermans
        • Inch Worms
        • Starting block jumps to streamline – 5 on each side

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