In a nutshell, the sequence of events is pull, breathe, kick, glide. Getting more specific, I will try to explain the stroke by breaking it down into four slightly different categories.

Set up catch during outsweep
Start in streamline position
Tilt thumbs down so that hands face 45 degrees outward
Press arms outward while keeping them straight into a “Y”
Breathe during insweep
Lift elbows
Palms now face back
Pull forearm paddle (elbow to fingertips)inward
Head should be breaking the surface of the water at this point
Set up kick during arm recovery
Sweep elbows in toward chest and forward with hands together
As arms go forward, your head submerges
At the same time, pull your heels in toward your butt
Flex your feet
Start outward kick when hands have extended fully forward
Push water backwards with the soles of your feet
Feet should be wider than knees as they circle outward
Finish with soles of feet facing each other and toes pointed
Glide with arms fully extended and legs together, feet together

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