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Dryland Week 5

This week we will be starting dryland using minimal equipment. Stretch cords and two rags if you have smooth floor or plastic plates if you have carpet. This workout is to be repeated 2-3 times this week. Add on reps as the exercises get easier.

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November 05, 2021

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woman holding plank

Warm Up

  • Big arm circles – one at a time forward and backwards.
    Then two at a time, bend at the waist and swing side to side
    Lastly, small arm circles two at a time laterally. Forward and backward
  • Hula Hoop type hip circles from a stride stance
  • Leg swings – forward, backward and sideways – one a time
  • Lunges: Left, right, step together x 3 then reverse. Forward lunge with overhead arm sweep and slight backbend
  • Leg circles with bent knees. Adduct and abduct .

Main Set

  • Start on all 4s.  10 x Bird dog (opposite arm and leg) extension and contraction
  • 10 x sliding bridges on each leg (this is where you will use the rags or plastic plates)
  • 1:30 forearm plank – :15s on forearms, :15s marching plank, :15s side plank, :15s other side plank. :15s back to forearms, :15s spiderman – same side knee to elbow
  • 10 x bicycle crunches
  • 10 x push-ups from the floor
  • 10 x dead bugs (bird dog on your back, stop lowering leg when lower back comes off the ground)
  • 10 x squats to an imaginary or real chair. Face a wall. Keep your nose in contact with the wall as you lower.
  • Stretch cords – attach slightly above head
    10 x face pulls – drive thumbs back and squeeze shoulder blades together
    Lower stretch cords to armpit lever – :30s quick punches facing away from door
    Stand sideways to the door. Wide stance. Extend arms in front of you and hold for :30s. Band will want to pull you toward the door.

Day 1

Main set as is.

Day 2:

Add on 3-5 reps and :05 seconds to plank holds

Day 3:

Repeat Main Set twice

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