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Dryland Week 6

Week 6 of dryland training continues to work on strengthening the core with snow angels, pelvic tucks and stretch cord rotations. Additional exercises for shoulder stabilization are also included.

Published on

November 15, 2021

Topics featured:

stretch cord chest fly exercise

Warm Up

  • 15 x Internal/External Rotator Cuff rotations with elbow at sides
  • 15 x Arrested position, forearms rotate up and down
  • 15 x Hands in prayer w/ elbows at shoulder height. Raise elbows up, back and around
  • 15 x Arms to bad streamline w/ hunched back. Bring elbows back to a “W”.
  • Plank to left low lunge. Then bring arms overhead to high lunge. Lower right hand to the floor. Twist to the left. Repeat on other side.
  • Plank to down dog. Walk the dog.
  • Child’s pose with arms extended. Walk hands to the left to stretch lats. Repeat on other side.
  • 10 x cat/cow

Main Set

Set #1: Two Rounds of 10-15 reps each exercise.

  • Prone snow angels.
    Hold end positions for 2s.
  • Wall Sit w/ pelvic tucks.
    Hold each tuck for 2-3s.
  • Lateral Leg raises
    Lie with your back to a wall. Make sure heels, butt, shoulders and head are touching wall. Slide top heel up and down wall.  Repeat on other side.

Set #2: Two Rounds of 10-15 reps each. Attach stretch cords at waist level.

  • Scapular Squeezes
    Face mount/point of attachment.
    Bend arms w/ elbows at sides.
    Squeeze shoulder blades together.
  • Chest fly
    Back to mount
    Start with arms out to sides
    Push arms together.
  • Reverse Fly
    Face mount.
    Start with arms in front.
    Pull arms apart to the sides.
  • Cross Body Chops
    Face mount
    Hold handles together, one hand over the other
    Wide stance
    Start w/ arms extended to upper right.
    Chop down across body to lower left
    Repeat on other side.

Day 1

Two rounds of 10 reps each exerise.

Day 2:

Two rounds of 12 reps each exerise.

Day 3:

Two rounds of 15 reps each exerise.

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