How can you get faster?

Stroke cycle count  x  rate of stroke cycle = time

Since you want time to be a small number, this means that you must decrease the number of strokes while decreasing the time it takes of complete your stroke.

How to decrease your stroke cycle count:

  • lengthen your stroke from entry to exit at the hip by creating curves in your pull
  • start by sweeping your hands out as you would in a breast stroke pull
  • continue by sweeping inward
  • sweep out again toward your hip
  • keep fingertips pointing down the entire pull
  • keep elbows above wrist, wrist above fingertips
  • initiate movement from your upper arm

How to decrease your rate of stroke cycle:

  • eliminate any glide you have at the front of your stroke and go right into the catch after your hand enters the water
  • increase your tempo or cadance
  • sing a song in your head to keep your tempo constant
  • increase your strength using tubing by swimming a 50 or a 100 on land

Kick Specifics

  • Generate kick from hip
  • Keep ankle relaxed at start of kick
  • As you kick down, extend your foot point your toes at the end of the movement
  • Bend your leg slightly to recover just breaking the surface of the water with your heels and soles

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