Sage YMCA Masters Swimming

Seventy-five Minute Workouts


Open Water Challenge

Ever wonder what to do when swimming open water? TImed swims can get boring. Why not try this challenge? You will need to bring good technique and siting. Enjoy!

open water finish

Divide Your Course

  • Look for natural breaks such as buoys, swim ropes, changes in landscape, or changes in architecture.
  • These will be your repeat distances.
  • If you can’t find any, use the distance across the lake, a bay, or something along the shoreline.
open water swimmer


  • 1 x your set distance – Swim relaxed and get used to your surroundings
  • Repeat that distance and figure out how many strokes you can do without siting
  • Tighten up drill – chin tuck, shoulder retraction, tight abs, butt squeeze and loosy goosy. Ten strokes of each and repeat as many times as the distance dictates.

Main Set

  • Swim Ladder with good technique and tight core. Break :30s between distances. Time the 3 length distance.
    1 length, 2 lengths, 3 lengths, 2 lengths, 1 length
  • Swim the 3 length distance faster than you did when you were doing the ladder.

Cool Down

  • Swim a few strokes of breaststroke, backstroke and fly.
  • Swim easy back to the shore

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