Warm-Up (1200 yards)


  • 1 x 300 choice
  • 6 x 75 – 25 swim + 25 scull + 25 swim          :15s rest
  • 3 x 150 – 75 moving buoy drill + 75 kick :20s rest


Main Set (1900 yards)

Three Rounds

  • 4 x 25 free – 3 or less breaths per length
    Rest = as long as you need
  • 1 x 200 free w/ :40s rest
    75 exaggerate the finish + 50 Tarzan + 75 swim
  • 1 x 100 kick w/ :40s rest
    25 easy + 50 fast + 25 easy

8 x 25 sprints on 1:00

  • Odds are free
  • Evens are alternating fly and back

4 x 125 free or back :20s rest

  • 25 streamline kick on your back + 75 swim + 25 streamline kick on your back

Cool Down (200 yds – choice)

 Total Yards: 3300


Winter 2023 Day 28

Winter 2023 Day 28

Congratulations for getting to practice on time for this first day of daylight savings. Your reward is a medium difficulty workout. The main set features three rounds of sprinting, a long pull or swim and 3 x 200 kick set w/ fins.

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Winter 2023 Day 27

Winter 2023 Day 27

Some longer distance today. The main set has repeat 300s. The first 150 is build. The next 100 is fast. The last 50 is recovery. Set an interval that gives you :30s rest.

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Winter 2023 Day 26

Today’s main set builds on the last workout where we mixed up our stroke cadence. The set consists of 200, 100, 50 and 25 each with a faster stroke cadence than the previous distance. This is repeated three times.

Winter 2023 Day 25

Today I will be recording your stroke rate and count for slow, medium and fast speeds. These will be compared to the data that I collected on January 13th.

Winter 2023 Day 24

Power workout today with fins and paddles. You will sprint a 50 then go immediately into recovery.

Winter 2023 Day 23

If you liked last week’s sprint the 3rd 50 of a 200, you’ll like sprint the 50 of a 125 today (followed by 25 recovery). Today’s drills include a finish scull, catch-up and one arm free. There is also a 200IM set for all of the stroke lovers.

Winter 2023 Day 21

Lots of drills and strength builders for maintaining a high elbow position. The main set has 4 x 100 -easy, moderate, moderately fast and all-out sprint. The harder you work this, the more you will get out of it.

Winter 2023 Day 20

Have you noticed that doing a fly pull with the stretchcords is just like swimming fly? Today there are lots of opportunities to fly. Remember swimming butterfly builds strength.

Winter 2023 Day 19

Get ready to put on some speed! We have 50s off the blocks and 25s choice sprint and Tarzan sprint.

Winter 2023 Day 18

Today is a chill workout. Nothing too strenuous. For the backstroke ball throw drill, do a 50 going down the right side of the lane. Then do another 50 going down the left side of the lane.

Winter 2023 Day 17

Keep swimming in a tight streamline with high elbows and a strong finish. Today’s workout will end in a set of sprints off the blocks with build in easy active rest.

Winter 2023 Day 16

Keep swimming like Kara Lynn Joyce and exaggerating your finish. We will review this technique and finish with a set of 3 x 500 for all the distance lovers!

Winter 2023 Day 15

Today’s workout is a mixed bag. Still focussing on freestyle technique, we concentrate on the finish and moving forward. There is some fly, backstroke and IMs mixed in.

Winter 2023 Day 14

This workout will deplete your glycogen stores. Please have something to eat or drink that has a ratio of carbs to protein at a ratio of 4:1. Good Luck!

Winter 2023 Day 13

Today’s workout incorporates some strength training in between sets: push-ups, press-outs and stretch cords. The main set contains a set of 100s on descending intervals.

Winter 2023 Day 12

Today we will be trying our two different freestyle recovery styles, high elbow and swinger. There is a link to a video which demonstrates each of the styles. The recovery should prep for a good catch. Also in today’s workout is an IM set and a choice 50 sprint set.

Winter 2023 Day 11

The back half of this workout is sprinting. The front half is drills and descend sets.

Winter 2023 Day 10

This workout is perfect for a Monday. Not too hard, not too easy. A new drill, twisted hip, is introduced today. It is a one arm lead kick with shoulders on water surface and hips lowered on the lead arm side. This drill will work your core and help to feel what it is like to swim with your hips torqued. The release of the hip will come with the finish of the stroke when swimming freestyle.

Winter 2023 Day 9

After reviewing some drills, we will be swimming some 100 repeats on a short rest interval. The ideal rest time is 10-15s. Base this off of your threshold pace. Afterwards there is a kick and pull set.

Winter 2023 Day 8

Lots of pulling today! Adding to that is some sprint kicking. This is a fun workout. Not too hard. Not too easy.

Winter 2023 Day 7

Focus of the day is the high elbow position or elbow pointing up position. All kinds of drills alternating with swim to emphasize that position. Take some time to do the drills correctly instead of rushing through them. Attention to the smallest details can save time.

Winter 2023 Day 6

Today’s main set includes some fly/free repeats. Why do fly? It strengthens your pull and that is what we are all about this session.
In addition, there is some sculling and weightless hands.

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